Inspiration through helping others

If you have read my site, you know that I am a life coach. One of my favorite things to do is actually listen to what people stories are. That is one of the most important things any of us can do for another, just to listen to what people come through.

I was sitting with a client today and as I was talking with him I realized that the interaction of me listening to him and giving my input was starting to change how he interacted with the world around. This has taken several weeks but I noticed the change for the better. My point in doing what I do like coaching is to help people see their lives transformed in ways that they would like to have happen.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to go beyond myself in order to help someone else. I view other people’s life changing as a way of increasing my own stability and who I am. Lifting someone else, or better said helping someone else lift themselves, lifts me. I want to convey how important it is to build up other people in order to build up ourselves.

In seeking inspiration it is never in a vacuum. Sometimes it’s important to draw away from others in order to have a strong internal sense of subconscious and of God. However, our growth often happens in conjunction with other people. Sometimes those people are challenging us, sometimes we are listening to and challenging them. And sometimes it goes both ways at the same time. In any case, it is so important to be seeking the best for others at all times.

I find in my life coaching that people often have a sense of how to do whatever their jobs are but yet they cannot relate to others in an effective way. The best that any of us can do is to help each person make the next logical step in their progression in understanding who they are and how to grow.

So my challenge to you whoever is reading this today is to look at other people not as obstacles but to look at them as people whom God has put in front of you to learn from and to serve. Look at others as the ability not just to serve them but also to grow through serving them. Grow in who you are as you help the other person grow in who they are. That is one of the most inspiring things that is in my life and I challenge you to look into it for your own. May you have an inspiring day. God bless!

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