The inspiration energy of children

I went to a friends house the other day. I wanted to visit with the mom and dad find out how the move is going. Soon after I entered the house I was greeted by, waylaid by, their two youngest daughters. With great joy and big smiles they grabbed me and pulled me into doing what they wanted to do.

One of the girls is three years old and the other is four. The four-year-old was in charge that day. With a big smile she was telling me what to do. It was time to March. They each grab one of my fingers and pulled me so that I either followed them or my fingers are going to be pulled out of joint.

Originally the girls wanted to take me out to their backyard to jump on the trampoline. The mom didn’t think that was such a good idea. I agreed with the mom seeing that I was dressed nicely. The girls decided that we would do something else instead.

So, we marched, we twirled around, we walked through the house. We did all kinds of things. Always with the girls there were big smiles and their faces because they had their big friend following right along with them. I was reminded at the joy of childhood, as I followed after them.

Eventually I had. They were a little sad however the joy of playing together remained with them. Oh to be young!

First, they were enjoying themselves. They were so filled with joy that it was contagious. I just wanted to join them in what they were doing. There were other purposes to my visit but I wanted to join what you doing. It was infectious!

Second, they were confident. They knew what they wanted to do and they did it. They might not have known specifically what game they wanted to play but they knew they wanted to enjoy every second. They accomplished what they wanted to do which was enjoy the time.

Third, they had no embarrassment or hesitancy in what they did. I have found that embarrassment and hesitancy often stop people from doing what they really want to do. These girls were able to do what they wanted because they had none of these things holding them back.

Fourth, the girls had complete trust in me and their family and home. If you can trust the situation and the people around you it is amazing what you can accomplish. They had trust and I trusted them, and we had a wonderful time.

Fifth, what made this fun time possible was that I was willing to let go of my thoughts and except what was being brought to me. The girls wanted to play and so I was able to become like a child again. This is something that each of us as adults needs to learn. Oh, there may be time when we cannot act childlike. However, if we are able to experience children’s inspiration and energy we will be much better for that experience in our lives.

So, play today with your own children, if you have them. Or perhaps just watch children at play and receive the inspiration!

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