Managing Choices

In the United States there are many choices that are right in front of us day after day. What will we buy for lunch? What job will we take? What business will we start? What person will we marry? Where will we live? These choices can go on forever. Sometimes the effort of choice selection can feel like a burden. How do we know that the decision for where to live is the right one? Is this even the right time to get a new job let alone the question about if it is the right job?

Choices and decisions are all around. We make them on a daily basis. We often make them without thought, kind of scary. The truth is that choice centers on trust and belief. If we have a level of trust in a person we are much more likely to decide in favor of a certain choice. If we have a strong sense of belief that a decision is right then saying yes to it becomes much easier.

Still, many endeavors clamor for our attention daily. Some of those endeavors are total wastes of time. Many are wastes for everyone and others are wastes on a specific basis. The challenge in life is to only make the decisions that make sense from a personal basis.

This is another ways to say that our first sense for any decision should be No. The decision needs to sell itself. If it does not communicate quickly why a certain change is necessary then it probably isn’t needed at all. When I say that the first sense should be No, I am not saying our only sense should be No. There are times that an unknown choice comes out of the blue. We are about to dismiss it and then something happens. The choice actually comes with at least one, and probably many, selling points.

We each have the choice of whether to ignore the selling points and go with our default of No, or whether we carve out something new.

Choices are around us all the time. If we take them seriously, we will become better deciders, we become better decision makes. Lean towards No, but make room for Yes. When Yes is granted, makes sure to put everything into the new decision. After that new Yes, guard it jealously! Do not allow another interloping choice to steal your new Yes from you.

All the best!

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