Snow in Spring

Today begins the second week in April. It can be cold. It can be warm. Today, in fact all week, it as been cold. Most of the week the high temperatures have been in the low forties with snow flurries flying by my window, as they are currently.

So is this a blog of inspiration or one of sadness and grief? I see hope and inspiration in the cold and snow of recent day, though I don’t like either. My point is that no matter what happens today the seasons are changing. Only so much cold and prevail an only so much snow ca fall.

Seasons are the same in our lives as they are in the rotation of the Earth. It is so easy to look at ourselves and not see growth or new possibilities. It is so very easy to become stuck in our ‘winters’ rather than become hope-filled by the changes that are right around the corner.

The snow will not last. Nothing still exists from the earlier squall. The ground is too warm and so is the air. We can notice the signs of seasons changing but can we notice the signs of our own seasons changing? My encouragement is to take the time necessary to notice your own season. Are you going into or coming out of the next season? None of these seasons will last forever, That’s good news! We only need learn what God has for us. The snow is passing and the cold is leaving. Now is the time to wait.

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