A Long Time Away

It has been months since the last time I wrote a blog post.  You may ask the question, why?  To be honest, I have lost inspiration myself.  Perhaps that is a terrible confession for a writer of inspiration to admit. I wish that I didn’t have to make such an admission.  Yet, perhaps that is the very point!

I had a sense last night, I believe from God, that it was time to write again.  This is the first place to put fingers to keys, yet, it is not the only place.  I will move forward and complete my second book and then move on to the third book and then onto the other book projects and future writing projects. Those pages will come.  At this point, I am writing about being away for a long time from something I love.

The very thing that I love is that which I have feared.  That combined with focusing on less important but urgent points sapped more of my energy and inspiration until I saw no reason to even try.  I saw no reason to even keep up the web page.  As I visited it today, I discovered almost 30,000 spam messages over the last several months.  House cleaning was necessary before I could get down to this business again.

I need to be honest. There is little to convince in someone else if I myself am unconvinced. This writing is not so much of inspiration but explanation, and not so much for the reader but for myself. There are times to pull away for a few days or even a week to accomplish other work or to recharge my own batteries. Still, re-engagement on a relatively short basis is important not only for my readers but mostly for myself.

I am back and will be writing on finding inspiration in the mundane, the usual, the random, the unexpected, the expected, and unconsidered, just to name a few. Inspiration is so important for life and I will be giving you, and me, my best in this venue at least every week (and some weeks…several times).

All the best! Check back soon to be inspired in a way you may need.

Blessings be with you!


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