Returning New to Something Old

Yes, today is the first time in many months that I have taken the time to write on this site. I have had the time to do so before but I have never taken the time to update and think about what would be of inspiration to me and by extension to others.

I often write and reflect upon what I am going through at the time. So what could be more appropriate than to reflect on returning to something old, something I have done in the past, something that I am not now done doing. Yet, I return not in the way that I left. I return to this old thing in a new way.

Have you ever felt the need to leave an endeavor for a period of time? I have! It is not just about not having something to say for I can always determine a new page or letters and blank space, which brings a thought to my mind. The challenge is to approach that process in a manner which brings inspiration to my being before the actual action of the writing process begins.

Today I sit and write about the sunlight streaming through my southern facing windows and sliding glass door as a warm river hitting my carpet and flowing warmth into my home. This late September day has a chill in the air even with a bright cloudless sky of cobalt blue.

So where is the inspiration in this last paragraph? It is the scene itself and the words convey the scene. They paint as on a canvas of letters which brain cells must convert into a daydream picture.

Welcome to my world! I see what is before me, around me, within me and I attempt to put those experiences and observations to word. I invite you to this experience with me. Sit in the comfortable chairs and allow the warm rays of the sun to massage your face. Watch the verdant green of the neighbor’s bushes sway in the breeze of the day. Step outside and feel the crisp nip of the early fall air on your skin.

These are the words of inspiration I give you this day. Some days these words will be experiential, some days insightful, some days deep, some days light hearted. Today the words are experiential. I have invited you to experience the beauty of this day of creation. Experience the peace evident in it. Experience the warmth and the coolness. Step out of your world for just a few minutes so that when you step back in, your world will now have more beauty, more warmth and coolness, more peace and joy.

Thank you for reading and spending some time here today. God’s blessings be upon you!

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