Into a New Era

We hear of new things all the time.  It may be a new app for tablet or phone.  It may be a new way to exercise.  It may be a new way to interlink all of the electronic in your life.  Whatever the level of newness there is always a sense of excitement and a level of apprehension.

My new era began a few days ago.  You see, my daughter is 15 and where we live that means she can get her driving permit if she is taking drivers’ education, which she just started this week.  I am excited for me and my daughter in this new era behind the wheel.  There are also times I am a bit apprehensive as well.

I want to be a good dad and help my daughter rather than hinder her by being to stressful of a presence in the car.  I desire to help her with useful information and insights rather than being a control freak.  At present I think I’m doing a pretty decent job at this endeavor.  I think as well that my daughter is doing a good job in this new era of her learning too.

I now understand that my part is not primarily teaching her how to drive.  My main part is learning to be who I am as she learns to drive.  The difference sounds small but is hugely important.  I need to allow her to take her responsibility in the driving endeavor seriously as I take my support role seriously.

There have been may milestones up until this point signifying that my little girl is growing and becoming more independent or at least less dependent. However, when she is in the drivers’ seat, literally, the roles have truly changed!

Many have gone through this time of change and relinquishing control.  Many more will experience these times of change in the future.  I happen to be experiencing the changes now.  It is good.  It is inspiring.  I am learning much.  Until next time…


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