The Inspiration of Waiting

Time has flown by since my last post.  I’m even unsure of the date of my last post.  Much has happened for which I am glad.  I have been involved in a physical fitness regimen which has taken much of my free time.  It’s called P90X.  Many of you have heard of it.  This post is not primarily about this work out but I wanted to mention it.  I would recommend this set of dvd’s if anyone wants to get in the best shape of his/her life with a relatively small amount of time per day over the period of 90 days.  I started in a tight 34″ waist pant and am now in a comfortable 32″ pant.  I still have a month to go.

Sometimes it is good to wait.  Few people like to wait…especially in America.  We have fast food, fast cars, super highways, and drive thru’s.  If we have to slow down or wait in a line too long we are looking for the manager.  We want our money back.  I do understand!  Sometimes I’m there too.  Sometimes I catch myself…other times I forget what’s really important.

I write today about inspiration in the midst of waiting for this post.  I have taken my time by default to write it.  Often little things crept up and there was no time remaining at the end of the day to write or think.  Yet , this is the perfect time to write.

In the midst of waiting for whatever we have a decision.  Will we give into frustration, anger, bitterness, et. al. or will we focus upon the cultivation of peace and joy?  Will we redeem the time as much as possible through reading, calling, writing, thinking, praying, etc., or do we just focus on our thoughts and feelings of how much we hate to wait?

That decision is before each of us every hour of every day.  How you live your life in the midst of waiting tells you a lot about yourself.  What is bubbling just below the surface of your heart and mind?  Are you a person who has to be constantly doing?  Please understand there is nothing wrong with accomplishment or planning for it.  My point here is if you always have to be busy if you are awake then you can’t truly be by yourself.  There is something about yourself you don’t like.  There may be something about yourself that you fear.

Those realizations may be strange but they are accurate.  There is no problem in admitting that you use constant activity to keep from focusing on what you don’t like about yourself.  The clear answer is to find what you don’t like and then make a decision of what to do.  Do you want to start liking what you don’t now like or would you rather change the part of you so you starting liking yourself and not feel constrained to be in constant action mode?

Waiting tells us much about ourselves.  It shows how we deal with unplanned breaks in activity from an internal perspective.  It shows how resilient we are in how long it takes us to bounce back after the waiting is over.

Waiting is a part of life.  We all know it!  Inspiration comes when we use what we don’t like to become someone new and different.  May this be inspiring to you in whatever time of waiting you may find.


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