Inspiration Through Schedule Change

How many times have you come up with a clear schedule for the day just to have something change that time frame through nothing you have done. In truth, it happens to me all the time. The last few days the issue has been one of health. That health has only been mine to a small degree. It has been my wife and my son. As I combine all of the colds, coughs, and inflamed gastrointestinal tracts my schedule get dinged more than I care to think.

In the past those inadvertent changes to my schedule would throw me off kilter for a full day and perhaps more. One thing that I have encountered in this off schedule time is that physical fitness (including nutrition) is my best defense against the loss of control of my time.

In the last few days I have awakened earlier than my alarm was set so that I could get in about an hour of cardio, abs, and strength. That was followed by juicing and a nutritional supplement. I cannot say enough of how this regimen has done to keep me focused when what I have desired is no longer a possibility. Being in improving shape gives me more flexibility. In this case, I am not referring to the physical type. Here instead, I mean a psychological, emotional, and mental flexibility. Physical fitness (including nutrition) allows me the ability to change my schedule on the fly and accomplish as much and possibly more than I had originally scheduled.

Please understand that I do not like when my family is sick. I also do not enjoy when somethin beyond my control changes plans at the last minute. Yet that is the point. The only way to discover what fitness/nutrition has done in my body is to have it thrown off schedule. I have found that my life balance is better. My focus has improved. My ability to accomplish has not been limited.

You may be wondering what fitness/nutrition plan I follow. I have been on and off with this program for several years. I am now on it. I intend to stay on it. The company is call Beachbody. It can be reached at It has over 12 celebrity instructors and at least 30 programs from which to choose for all fitness levels.

Along with the programs are the nutritional supplementation. Beachbody has their own powdered drink additive known as Shakeology. It tastes quite good and I can tell that it helps to strengthen my body after my workout time. I have also included a slow speed juicer into my fitness mix. This type of juicer crushes the cell walls of the green plants to release chlorophyll. I use the fresh juice to combine with my Shakeology.

So the day has not gone as planned but I am accomplishing more than I thought. Please be encouraged that being thrown off schedule is not the last word. In this life it might be the first word leading in a new and important direction.

May this be a grace filled day and may you have many accomplishments no matter what your schedule says.