Hello world! Welcome!

I have wanted to start this site for some time.  This first post is not about anything in specific.  Those types of posts will come.  Right now I just want to welcome you to The Inspirational Coach.  You make this site mean something and without you I would only be writing aimlessly.  Then again, perhaps I would be writing with a purpose but without an audiance.

I hope you will read my About Me page and get to know not only my experience and education but also get to know me. 

What you see right now on this page is a work in progress.  It would not surpise me if I change the format more than once in the coming weeks to make it look more welcoming and friendlier.  Please be aware that change will always be done in a way that is helpful not off-putting.  That’s my hope and plan anyway.

As I sit to write on this beautiful May afternoon, I could not be happier and more thankful that God has blessed me and my family in so many ways.  The end of grammar school is almost upon us for our daughter.  Another wonderful year has passed for my wife at college with graduation this weekend.  Our son is growing up and on an outdoor education trip.

That leaves me.  I am making the necessary structural changes to this blog and website to produce post after post of inspiration for life transformation.  Soon my first book will be published and ready for purchase.  You can read more about the book on the About Me page.  I’ll have more information up as soon as I get the OK.

That’s all for now.  Welcome and check in for more posts and updates from your inspirational coach. 



Snow in Spring

Today begins the second week in April. It can be cold. It can be warm. Today, in fact all week, it as been cold. Most of the week the high temperatures have been in the low forties with snow flurries flying by my window, as they are currently.

So is this a blog of inspiration or one of sadness and grief? I see hope and inspiration in the cold and snow of recent day, though I don’t like either. My point is that no matter what happens today the seasons are changing. Only so much cold and prevail an only so much snow ca fall.

Seasons are the same in our lives as they are in the rotation of the Earth. It is so easy to look at ourselves and not see growth or new possibilities. It is so very easy to become stuck in our ‘winters’ rather than become hope-filled by the changes that are right around the corner.

The snow will not last. Nothing still exists from the earlier squall. The ground is too warm and so is the air. We can notice the signs of seasons changing but can we notice the signs of our own seasons changing? My encouragement is to take the time necessary to notice your own season. Are you going into or coming out of the next season? None of these seasons will last forever, That’s good news! We only need learn what God has for us. The snow is passing and the cold is leaving. Now is the time to wait.