The Hot Times

It’s so hot! It too hot to move. It’s too hot to sleep. It’s too hot to think. These last several days (first week in July) have been unusual in elevated temperature for our climate. This is the third day of triple digits.

I use to live in Texas so I do understand what hot is like. I do understand this heat in southern climes would not be out of order. Yet, here it is out of order. It has been at least 20 years since this area has experienced these temperature fore this long. To exacerbate the situation, we experienced an area wide power outage due to down trees and power lines from a nasty storm. We were able to borrow a generator and can run a fridge, a fan, a light, and a tablet. That’s about it.

This blog may give the impression of complaint or gripe. I give the previous paragraphs as preface to accurately describe what the experience of weather is really like now. This is for the purpose of showing that even in the midst of no air conditioning and 100+ degree readings for several days there is still much of inspiration and thanks.

I’ve noticed something in the midst of this hot time. I’d like it to end but I’m also kind of excited to be in it. These days and nights are like an out of the ordinary challenge. It’s like taking a hike up a mountain. Much of the trek will hold little pleasure but for the knowledge that another step has been made. However, when the climb is don’t and the vista achieved the sight is worth the trudge.

These days are the appreciation of one more hot, sweaty foot step made. It is also with the knowledge that this hot spell will not last but I will. These days are like a steep part of the trail. The path will level. The power will be restored. The air will cool. I appreciate that I have made it up this trail of heat and sweat and see it as a gift rather than a pain (at least most of the time). It’s a decision after all.

I’ve also noticed that people have come out to help neighbors through the storm and heat. People are checking on the elderly and using whatever hand tools or gas powered chain saws are necessary to free cars from their “branchy” constraints. It is an inspiration to see and in which to participate.

Another inspiration is to see the many crews of men from the power company who have worked very long, very hot hours to restore our power. They are paid and should be yet there is something beyond pay as these people’s motivation. They do what they do because so many other people are experiencing a level of suffering. All I could do was thank them and give them water which was appreciated and accepted.

So I close with the knowledge that heat and discomfort are no block to inspiration. It can be found anywhere. It can be found even in (and perhaps especially in) those things and times we would rather not experience. Remember the trail is steep and difficult that leads to life and at the top you will see beauty unimaginable.


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