Inspiration in Health Care (not what you think)

The nation was waiting on pins and needles for the word to come down on high declaring “The Affordable Healthcare Act” as constitutional, unconstitutional, or somewhat constitutional.  Of course the declaration we received was the somewhat constitutional.  It was interesting how a court could rule that part is ok and part is not without a severability clause but so what.  We now have the left spiking the football in the end zone with f-bomb laden tweets along with words that rhyme with itches.  The right is coalescing around Romney as never before:  in less than 24 hours over $4 million were contributed to his campaign online.  This came from people seeking out the website to donate.  One thing for sure this coming campaign is going to be between clear choices.

My title is that I find inspiration in this whole healthcare thing.  In truth, as with everything else, I decide to find inspiration in it.  Mind you the inspiration is not from the mountain of trees that had to die so the 2800+ pages of paper per copy of the bill.  Nor is the inspiration from the direction this bill (law) entices people to look (the federal government.)  The inspiration comes from the reality that status quo is threatened.  Our healthcare system is often called the best in the world and that is why so many who have life-threatening diseases or anomalies, if they have the money, come to the USA for treatment.  That said there is something deeper that we need to see.

Our healthcare system is not about health.  It should be referred to for what it is a sickness treatment system.  We are not about health but about treating and abating sick symptoms.  Why is that?  I believe by in large because we want that system.  If I have a pain, an illness, overweight, lack of desire it isn’t my responsibility it is my doctor’s responsibility.  My health is his/her responsibility.  I just need my physician to give me the right pill.  Pills will magically make everything better.  That is what we have been led to believe and live out.  There is even a commercial where a little guy in a white coat is running a jackhammer poorly as a burly man looks on in disbelief.  The tagline comes up, “you wouldn’t want your doctor doing your job, why are you doing his job?”  The inference is that caring for your health isn’t your job or responsibility; it is your doctor’s job.

This status quo is about to die.  Those who see that they are their own primary care physician will be minimally affected be whatever the feds (Republican or Democrat) force upon us.  So what am I putting forward?  Actually several points:

  1. Change your belief system about healthcare from one of victimhood to one of empowerment.
  2. See yourself as your own primary care physician and advocate who at time may decide to enlist the expertise of an MD, DO, DDS, DC, etc.  Yet, you are still primary and always make the decision!
  3. Understand that Americans move too little and eat too much.  Both of these realities are not based upon a physiological need but and are an emotional response and reaction.
  4. Learn how to feel and let go of unnecessary and unhelpful emotions.  That begins to address #3 above.
  5. With your belief system and emotions addressed you can focus restructuring the way you eat and move which greatly impacts every kind of ill health.
  6. Every pharmaceutical is trying to mimic or concentrate what nature already does.  Eat better and get rid of the pharmaceuticals!  I know that this one is really radical.
  7. No longer settle for getting rid of disease symptoms.  Develop your system of food and movement that will lead to optimum health.


So there you have it.  Probably not what you thought!  I am inspired any time someone takes responsibility for their own lives.  With what may be coming, we will either take full responsibility as our own primary care physicians or we will be in a system where no one but the ultra-wealthy can afford to hand that responsibility off to others.   No matter what our federal authorities do to (for) us we are still in ultimate control, if we will only see it and make needed changes.


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