Inspiration: What is it?

I wanted to write a definition of what inspiration is all about and I will do this…but not now!


First, in this post I will get something off my chest.  I know what I am about to write may be somewhat difficult to say and it may be because I am new to this blogging thing but here goes.


I really do not like putting in 30 minutes of writing … review and make corrections…push publish and have an error message.  Then you go back and the work of the past 30 minutes is nowhere to be found.


I’m not here complaining but expressing a deep need to learn and grow and figure out a better way to do this blog world deal.  It is possible by the time you read this post I’ve already figured a way to back up any writing before I publish.  It is also possible the Mayans were right and after 12/21 it won’t matter or that Jesus will return and I’ll be dancing on golden streets in a heavenly realm.  In any case please feel free to comment.

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