Walking through … part three

Inspiration comes in many ways and through many places. For me in the past month it is came in the midst of flu and bronchitis. I have taken the time to record a few insights in that period of time. However there has been little energy with which to make those recordings.  There has been little that I could do as I sat and try to type to make a record of what I was going through.

Within the last week all of that has began to change.  I now have much more of a sense of vitality again.  I’ve been able to shovel my driveway and sidewalk three times in a 24-hour period moving several tons of snow which time. I get out of bed in the morning without the sense that I’ve got to go lie down again. All of these things point to the fact that my body is energized once again. That is something of incredible thanks.

There are times that the best any of us can do is just to keep going. Sometimes the best we can do is to lie down and go to sleep. I am thankful that I am now through the time of just getting through or lying down to sleep. I look forward to the next several weeks and the next few months.  I look for my abilities in writing and blogging to come to the forefront. I look to see outside myself for inspiration. How many things are there that I miss each day as I have to just plod along?  I will now be looking with new energized eyes to see what we often miss in our lives. And as I see those new things I’ll be using them to bring inspiration in new ways.

This is the end of this three-part series on just walking through our lives. I hope that if you might find yourself in a less than energized state perhaps an illness of some sort that this series that I’ve written may be of help to you. Know this sometimes the best you can do is to just make it through.  That may not sound like much of an inspiration. It may not sound like you can achieve great things. It may not sound like roses are coming up in snow is melting. However just making it through leads to those other things.

Be inspired.

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