Seeking Renewed Meaning

This site is all about inspiration. Many people would think that means it’s all about happiness and lightheartedness. However life is not always that way. Inspiration doesn’t have to come from just lighthearted happy things. Sometimes inspiration comes in loss. Sometimes inspiration comes through loss. Sometimes inspiration comes through difficulty. Sometimes we find inspiration in the next of things we would never have chosen to go into.

I do enjoy telling a lighthearted happy story and finding inspiration the midst of it. You can find some of those on this website. You can also find many others where you asked the question what’s inspiring about that? In essence that’s what I’m looking for. Where do you find inspiration? How is it that you’re inspired? Most people go through life with the minimal amount of inspiration. Part me if I find that sad.

One of the callings that I have in my life is to bring inspiration into other peoples lives. If I don’t want the best ways to do that is reflect upon the inspiration that I’ve seen in my own life. To see what inspires me and to share that for other people to sense the same inspiration. To that end inspiration is not about things. It is not about how things actually go. Instead inspiration is a mindset. It is all about being open and observant of what is right in front of me or you. If you’re looking for inspiration you truly will find it anyplace you look. However if you were looking for the world to be a terrible place with no meaning then that is exactly what you will find You will find when your heart yearns for the most.

That last statement may sound strange. You might even argue with me. That’s okay I can take it. But look closely at what I’m saying. Your heart yearns for something. What is it? The more important that thing is that you yearn for the deeper your inspiration. If you are yearning after something of material worth and that’s it then your inspiration level is very small. However, if you want to, you can change what your heart yearns after.

This process of changing what your heart is seeking is what my book is all about. Letting go: becoming who you are meant to be, is my first book title. You can link to it from this website. It’s filled with methods and I found Have been helpful to me and many others. If you’re having difficulty finding inspiration in your life. And I encourage you get a copy of my book. You can get it in Kindle format as well. Put into process the methods I lay out in the pages of the book. It can be be very beneficial.

May you find your hearts desire. And may you desire what you truly love to have and to be. May inspiration and the depths of the Spirit be yours this day.

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