Inspiration through the Window

Fall Scene

Inspiration through the Window

Sometimes I look intensely for something of inspiration.  That inspiration may come through situations, other people, prayer, Scripture, books, introspection, or a resolved struggle.  Today the sense of inspiration came through the front window.

Autumn is my favorite season of the year.  The heat has passed and the cold has not yet come.  The cooler temperatures makes activity easier without sweat.  It also makes sleep sounder, especially with not as much light.

This time of year clear blue skies framed by greens turning to reds, yellows, oranges, and browns give me inspiration beyond thought and word.  The inspiration through my window communicates more than I can say in these few words.

Beauty, color, hue, motion, shadow all communicate the depth of inspiration to my heart and soul.  The picture is a gift to me, more valuable than a fortune in money or gold.  It ministers to me in ways nothing else can.  This scene points my heart back again to God Almighty.  Some reading these words may not believe in God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  I do believe!

The quiet voice of this picture beacons my heart deeper to hear from the one who created that beauty.  My heart drinks in the ministry of these colors.  My soul proclaims the good news that the One who created and redeemed is also the One who made beauty.

I am so thankful this day for such beauty!  I am so blest to recognize such beauty.

Have you ever stopped to consider that all trees could have grey leaves.  The sky could be brown.  The leaves might not change color with the seasons.  The atmosphere might not appear a deep blue but perhaps black.  What a gift of inspiration that we have the beauty that we have.

Sometimes the beauty of inspiration is very easy and inviting.  Sometimes the beauty of inspiration comes flooding in the front window.



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